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A Note About "Progress"

I recently caught up with a friend whom I haven’t seen in a while.

Friend: “I am probably at the lowest point of my life lately.”

Me: “How so?”

Friend: “Not seeing progress.”

Me: “In terms of your career?”

Friend: ”Everything. My startup is not where I want it to be. My finances aren’t either. Nor is my relationship.”

I paused for a moment.

Me: “How’s your health? Are you sleeping okay and eating well?”

Friend: “I sleep and eat well. My health is pretty good.”

Me: “I am glad to hear. Your health and well-being are core.”

The friend nodded and smiled.


Today I woke up feeling a little “meh”. I wondered if it was because I’m not feeling my progress.

Cognitively, I know I have been progressing. In fact, I have a number of conferences lined up that I am invited to speak at this summer, starting this weekend. But feeling-wise, it’s not there.

I reminded myself of the conversation I had with the friend two weeks ago. I pondered on the concept of progress.

I realized:

  1. There are days when we can’t see our progress. There are also days when we can see the progress but we can’t feel it.

  2. Striving for progress is motivating. But the desire to always feel progressive can actually be demotivating.

So today I ask myself: "How’s my health? Am I sleeping okay and eating well?”

The answer is yes. Focus on that then. I smiled.

Maybe the realization in itself is progress, too.

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