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About Me

About Me

I am a behavioral scientist, social impact creator, and life enthusiast.

As an organizational behavior researcher and PhD Candidate at London Business School, my research focuses on topics related to career change, organizational culture, and social networks. I particularly investigate these topics through the lens of mindsets and multicultural experiences. The questions I study are set in the context of change, whether driven by macro-environmental forces (e.g., "how do organizations and individuals cope with the challenges in the Future of Work?") or initiated by individuals (e.g., "how do people come up with options for making a meaningful career change?").

Prior to my career in academia, my professional experience involved advising Fortune 500 companies in North America, Asia, and Europe and startups in Silicon Valley on topics related to public accounting, software design, and customer experience management. Through working closely with businesses, I gained first-hand experience of the knowledge gaps prevalent in the modern workplace and found that these aligned closely with my research interests.

I have been navigating change and diversity ever since leaving my home country of Taiwan at the age of 12 and living independently across five continents (South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, the US, and the UK). I am a Certified Public Account and was the youngest graduate ever of the Haas School of Business undergradudate program and the London Business School Masters in Finance program.


Outside of my work in academic research, I am a passionate volunteer with a focus on education. My experiences include advising a musical theatre school in the UK on financial turnaround strategy, mentoring female entrepreneurs in emerging markets, and organizing academic training programs for underprivileged students. I am particularly thinking of ways to prepare the next generation for the Future of Work.


I enjoy improvising songs on my piano, exploring new cities without a map, and building my photography portfolio.


You can get in touch with me at:

Eva Hsin-Lian Lin


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