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About Me

About Me

I am a behavioral scientist, social impact creator, and life enthusiast.

As a PhD Candidate in Organizational Behavior at London Business School, I research topics on career transitions, organizational culture, and social networks. My overarching goal is to enhance individuals' work lives while fostering social cohesion within our society. In one research program, I study how mindsets shape individuals' career transitions and enhance employee experiences in the workplace. In another, I investigate how diverse experiences contribute to bridging differences and shaping social networks within organizations. My research has been presented at prestigious international conferences and received awards at global research competitions.

Before transitioning to academia, I spent 7 years immersed in the financial services and technology sectors across the US, Asia, and Europe. During this time, I provided professional services to Fortune 500 companies and led teams at a Silicon Valley startup through its IPO. My educational background includes a BS in Business Administration from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and an MSc in Finance from the London Business School. I also became a Certified Public Accountant by the age of 20.

Beyond academia, I am actively engaged in volunteer work, with a particular emphasis on education. My experiences span advising a musical theatre school in the UK on financial strategies, mentoring female entrepreneurs in emerging markets, and crafting academic training programs for underprivileged students. I am particularly driven by the mission of equipping the next generation for the challenges of the Future of Work.

I enjoy improvising on the piano, skiing in the Alps, and building my photography portfolio.


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Eva Hsin-Lian Lin


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